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Women's Bikes

Designed specifically to fit female riders, our Womens Specific Design [WSD] Bikes, feature specially designed frames & components to suit a wide range of female physiques, for a more comfortable and efficient riding experience. There is a great range of womens models available across commuting, road and mountain bikes. Brands such as Trek Bikes offer components on their Womens Specific range, such as shorter reach brake levers for smaller hands and more comfortable female saddles that suit womens pelvic structure. It's worth noting that not every female  will fit onto a women's specific frame, with body proportions varying from rider to rider. Courtesy of our bike fitting processes , we will determine with millimeter accuracy what size frame you require as well as whether women's specific geometry, or unisex will best suit your physique. 

Don't put up with a poorly fit bike; get onto a the right size for you and enjoy a more comfortable, efficient and confidence-inspiring ride!

Trek Women's Specific Design (WSD) bikes embody our ground-up commitment to building a great-fitting, great-riding bike for every woman, no matter who you are or how you ride. It's no wonder we sell more women’s bikes each year than any other brand. Book a womens bike fitting, and or test ride now at Hendry's.