Bike Fitting

Once upon a time, if you could stand over a bike, then it fit. Fortunately, that’s not how we carry out our dedicated fittings. Anyone that tells you that your bicycle can be optimally fit with very few measurements or by dropping information into a formula based computer program is either woefully uninformed or just trying to sell you something quickly. 

Bike fit is about the union between rider and bicycle to achieve the most comfortable, efficient, safe and powerful riding position possible. A professional bike fitting will enhance your cycling experience. When you go through the fitting process at Hendry Cycles a lot happens before you are on the fitting station. We take time to understand your individual needs, goals, background, injury history and your own unique requirements. Throughout the process, you and your fitter will evaluate what works. Fitting a bicycle to a rider based on a structurally sound and biomechanically refined rider position takes time and requires that the details of your individual rider profile are considered from a scientific and of course a holistic perspective. 

The bike fitting protocol and methodology we utilise is based in proven biomechanical assessment techniques that have been developed to address the specific needs of any cyclist or triathlete. Physical therapists, aerodynamicists, doctors, exercise kineseologists and chiropractors are just a few of the people that are involved in the development of the fitting processes we utilise. It is our goal to not only help you discover and build foundation on your optimal riding position, but to also provide you with the insight and knowledge necessary to understand how your body functions while on the bike and how it effects the cycling componentry you choose.  

At Hendry Cycles, correct bike fitting is a big aspect of our customer service. As trained S.I.C.I [USA] bike fitting members, you can be assured that customers receive a truly comprehensive fitting service whether you are a local enthusiast or an International Professional. 

Whether we are helping you find your ultimate new machine or bettering your relationship with your existing stead, we guarantee you’re in the right hands! 

Fitting East Timor MTB Team in Dili