Pirelli Cinturato Velo TLR Road Tyre

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Color: Black
Size: 700C x 26mm

A premium tubeless-ready road tyre ready to take on every distance and every road with confidence.

Premium protection

Constructed using Pirelli's innovative SmartNET™ Silica technology, the Cinturato Velo TLR Road Tyre provides all-round cycling excellence with puncture resistance, low rolling resistance and extensive mileage.

With the resistance of the Armour Tech™ technology nylon bead-to-bead protection, this tyre is ready for high mileage riding on a variety of road surfaces.

Product details

  1. SmartNET™ Silica technology delivers high rolling efficiency with natural anisotropic orientation, reducing heating while increasing elasticity, minimising energy loss
  2. Microscopic rod-shaped particles are arranged systematically for a strong, long-lasting tyre
  3. Wide surface of silica rod molecules improves handling in wet conditions
  4. Armour Tech™ construction offers advanced protection against even the worst road conditions
  5. The bead profile shape matches seamlessly with tubeless-ready rim hooks for easy mounting
  6. The Functional Groove Design uses a narrow angle at the centre of the tyre to keep wear even
  7. The lightning bolt tread pattern reduces noise and drains water for a smooth cycling experience
  8. Ideal Contour Shaping uses a distinct crown and sidewall radius and textile designed to match optimal footprint contour
Size 700C x 26mm 700C x 28mm 700C x 32mm
Diameter 700C 700C 700C
Width 26 mm 28mm 32 mm
TPI 60 TPI 60 TPI 60 TPI
Compound 65a/70a 65a/70a 65a/70a
Bead Folding Folding Folding
Type Tubeless Ready (TLR)/Clincher Tubeless Ready (TLR)/Clincher Tubeless Ready (TLR)/Clincher
Minimum pressure 65 psi 58 psi 43 psi
Maximum pressure 87 psi 87 psi 72psi
ETRTO 26-622 28-622 32-622
Puncture protection Armour Tech Armour Tech Armour Tech
Studdable No No No
Sealant volume 40 ml 40 ml 45 ml
Weight 300g 330g 360g