Hendry History

 Hendry Cycles is a full service bike shop in Geelong and Ocean Grove, Victoria.     

Hendry Cycles was founded in 1975 with a long history of serving the local community. [41+ years!]

From the original Ocean Grove bike shop, a second Hendry bike shop ; corner Torquay Rd & Marshalltown Rd Grovedale, opened in 2014, to service Geelong & Torquay bike riders.

Owned by Stephen Draper & family for over 25 years, said ''Our team are very thankful to be helping great people seeking sound bike advice over many years. We have successfully competed at a World & National level in hundreds of cycling events over decades, plus explored the world by bike, to help our customers with solid advice from our experience''.

With lifetimes dedicated to riding, Hendry Cycles are also celebrating 25 years of Mountainbike event history, starting right beside 'The Great Ocean Road'.