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Princeton WAKE/BLUR Disc Brake Combo

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Color: Matte Black
Style: FH White Industries RH Tactic
Freehub Body: Shimano HG

For riders who demand unmatched time trial performance, the Princeton CarbonWorks Wake 6560 & Blur 633 V3 Combo is your key to supreme speed, precision, and victory. This formidable combination seamlessly marries the revolutionary Wake 6560 Wheels with the aerodynamic excellence of the Blur 633 V3, delivering a time trial experience that leaves competitors in your wake.

Key Features

  • Conquer Time Trials: Elevate your time trial prowess with the Wake 6560 & Blur 633 V3 Combo. Expertly designed to dominate the clock, this dynamic duo empowers you to redefine your limits and achieve time trial greatness.
  • Wake 6560 Dominance: The Wake 6560 Wheels bring strength and agility to the forefront. Built for exceptional stiffness, these wheels deliver explosive accelerations and precise handling, ensuring every pedal stroke translates into a burst of forward momentum.
  • Blur 633 V3 Aerodynamics: The Blur 633 V3 Wheels redefine aerodynamic brilliance. Crafted for efficiency, these wind tunnel-tested wheels glide through the air with minimal drag, enabling you to blaze through time trial courses with unparalleled speed.
  • Precision Engineering: The Wake 6560 & Blur 633 V3 Combo maximizes power transfer, converting your energy into precise speed. Revel in the sensation of controlled acceleration and unwavering maneuverability, giving you the edge in every time trial.
  • Time Trial Mastery: Exclusively designed for dedicated time trialists, this combo is your ultimate tool to break barriers. From start to finish, the Wake 6560 & Blur 633 V3 Combo is your pathway to outperforming the clock and cementing your place among time trial champions.


Please visit Wake 6560 and Blur 633 product pages for information about each wheel.

Master Time Trials with Princeton CarbonWorks

Experience the pinnacle of time trial excellence with the precision engineering of the Wake 6560 & Blur 633 V3 Combo. Whether you're aiming for personal records or championship titles, this combo is your ultimate performance ally, propelling you to conquer the clock and emerge as a time trial champion.

Choose Princeton CarbonWorks and ascend to time trial supremacy.