Princeton MACH TS/BLUR Disc Brake Combo

Color: Matte Black
Hub Type: Tactic TR-01
Freehub Body: Shimano HG

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For riders who live and breathe time trials, the Princeton CarbonWorks Mach TS & Blur 633 V3 Combo is the ultimate weapon of choice. This powerhouse combination seamlessly merges the groundbreaking Mach TS Wheels with the aerodynamic prowess of the Blur Wheels, delivering a time trial experience that's unrivaled in speed, precision, and performance.

Key Features

  • Race Against the Clock: Harness the power of Princeton CarbonWorks' innovation with the Mach TS & Blur Combo. Engineered to dominate time trials, this dynamic duo is your gateway to breaking personal records and securing podium finishes.
  • Mach TS Power: The Mach TS Wheels bring unmatched stiffness and responsiveness to the mix. Crafted for pure speed, these wheels offer rapid accelerations and precision handling, ensuring every pedal stroke translates into a surge of forward momentum.
  • Blur Aerodynamics: The Blur Wheels are designed for maximum aerodynamic advantage. These wind tunnel-tested wheels cut through the air with minimal resistance, empowering you to tackle time trial courses with unparalleled speed and efficiency.
  • Precision Engineering: The Mach TS & Blur Combo maximizes power transfer, allowing you to harness your energy for optimal performance. Experience the thrill of controlled acceleration and nimble maneuverability, putting you in control of the clock.
  • Time Trial Mastery: Designed exclusively for dedicated time trialists, this combo is tailored to shave seconds off your records. From start to finish, the Mach TS & Blur Combo is the ultimate tool to conquer every time trial challenge.


Please visit Mach TS and Blur 633 product pages for information about each wheel.

Dominate Time Trials with Princeton CarbonWorks

Elevate your time trial game to new heights with the precision engineering of the Mach TS & Blur Combo. Whether you're aiming for personal bests or championship victories, this combo is your secret weapon for conquering the clock and claiming your place among the time trial elite. Choose Princeton CarbonWorks and rewrite the record books.