Princeton CODA/BLUR Disc Brake Combo

Color: Matte Black
Hub Type: White Industries
Freehub Body: Shimano HG

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Unleash your full potential on the time trial course with the powerhouse combination of Princeton CarbonWorks Coda 9590 and Blur 633 V3 Wheels. Crafted to redefine your time trial experience, this dynamic duo seamlessly blends two cutting-edge wheel models, delivering unmatched performance gains for riders who are serious about conquering the clock.

Key Features

  • Race Against Time: Elevate your time trial performance to new heights with the Coda 9590 and Blur 633 V3 Wheels combo. Engineered for speed, precision, and aerodynamic dominance, this tandem is your secret weapon for slicing through the wind and achieving optimal time trial results.
  • Coda 9590 Excellence: The Coda 9590 Wheels bring strength and elegance to the mix. Crafted with precision from high-grade carbon fiber, these wheels offer refinement and uncompromising durability. Gain the edge you need to excel on every straightaway.
  • Blur 633 V3 Mastery: The Blur 633 V3 Wheels redefine aerodynamic excellence. Designed for maximum efficiency, these wheels are wind tunnel tested to ensure minimal drag, letting you power through time trial courses with unmatched speed and agility.
  • Precision Engineering: Experience unrivaled power transfer and responsiveness with each pedal stroke. The Coda 9590 and Blur 633 V3 Wheels combo is engineered to harness your energy, translating it into forward momentum and propelling you toward the podium.
  • Time Trial Dominance: This combo is tailored for riders who demand the best on the time trial circuit. Conquer climbs, conquer descents, and conquer the clock with the precision, speed, and versatility that only Princeton CarbonWorks can deliver.


Please visit Coda 9590 and Blur 633 product pages for information about each wheel.