Princeton BLUR DISC DB Rear Wheel

Color: Matte Black
Hub Type: Tactic TR-01
Freehub Body: Shimano HG

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Elevate Your Ride with Precision and Speed

Experience cycling like never before with the groundbreaking Princeton CarbonWorks Blur 633 V3 wheels. Expertly engineered to redefine your performance, these wheels seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology, aerodynamic prowess, and uncompromising strength, making them the ultimate choice for cyclists who demand nothing but excellence.

Key Features

Revolutionary Performance: The Blur 633 V3 wheels are a testament to precision engineering, designed to provide an optimal balance of lightweight agility and unyielding durability. With these wheels, you're not just cycling – you're experiencing the future of performance.

Aerodynamic Elegance: Elevate your speed with the Blur V3 633's advanced aerodynamic design. Through extensive wind tunnel testing, these wheels have been refined to cut through the air with minimal resistance, giving you an edge in speed and efficiency.

Carbon Mastery: Crafted with meticulous attention from premium carbon fiber, the Blur 633 V3 wheels redefine your ride experience. Enjoy responsive handling and a ride that feels as smooth as it does exhilarating.

Engineered Brilliance: Every component of the Blur 633 V3 wheels is designed for peak performance. The careful engineering ensures optimal stiffness, translating your energy into efficient power transfer and a ride that's unmatched.

Striking Aesthetics: These wheels aren't just about performance; they're also a visual marvel. The sleek, modern design adds a touch of sophistication to your ride, ensuring you turn heads as you speed by.

Step into a new realm of cycling performance with a wheelset that sets new standards. The Blur 633 Wheels are your gateway to unmatched speed, precision, and elegance.


  • Rim Internal Width: 19 mm
  • Rim External Width: 26 mm
  • Thru Axle
    • 12x142 mm
  • Quick Release:
    • 135 mm
  • Brake Type:
    • Disc
    • Rim
  • Tyre Bed: Clincher Tubeless Ready
  • Bearings:
    • Tactic Ceramic
  • Freehub Body:
    • Shimano HG
    • SRAM XDR
    • Campagnolo 9-12 / N3W (Sold separately by special order)
  • Weight: 950 g