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Bontrager Hilo Comp Saddle
Bontrager Hilo Comp Saddle

Bontrager Hilo Comp Saddle

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Comfort at any speed

Unlock power and speed with Hilo Comp, a fast and sleek split support zone saddle that offers comfort and support for all-out TT and Tri efforts. Hilo Comp is designed for symmetric and stable pedalling in multiple positions and features a strategic dual-layer foam that maximises comfort so you can maximise your effort.

Product details

  1. Aerodynamic Posture 1 is the most forward pelvic rotation, common in triathlons
  2. The split support zone eliminates soft-tissue pressure for a more powerful rotated position
  3. The saddle nose structure is designed for stable and symmetric pedalling
  4. A strategic dual layer foam provides a soft top layer for comfort and a firm base for support
  5. Channel Flex on the bottom of the shell for added compliance
  6. inForm products optimise your natural movement for sustained, higher performance
  7. The available Speed Storage system securely holds water bottles, tube and inflater


Size 240mm x 134mm
Length 240 mm
Width 134 mm
Rail dimensions Round 7x7 mm (Standard)
Cover material F-24 (soft-touch)
Rail material Steel
Weight 427g